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This is our experience guide about our time working with audio and video when designing the popular video games that we have become so well known for.

Our team has worked on several game  projects which have been distributed in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. We also have credits in several games released in the United States and two games in Mexico. While most of our game development has been in the arena of online casino games, we still feel that our experiences may help you in developing your career or possibly enhancing your career.

Sound development is a specialty that is not often considered as internal to the gaming industry. In fact, most of this work is contracted to audio producers. However, we have found that in-house audio production and video production has been more cost effective and has continued to be a benefit to our clients.

Along the same lines, we also have most of our artists in-house and rarely, if ever, find outside contractors for projects. We have been known to hire outside 3D modelers for projects, and in the past five years, have actually brought two of those artists on board.

We look forward to writing this guide and your feedback!

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