At Hoffman Video, we are dedicated to the entire gaming experience. The most loved games out there is a combination of not only the best gameplay, but more so of the animation, sounds, and graphics that enhance our player’s experiences. In developing our games, we are constantly working on the most dynamic and most user-friendly experience. A simplistic approach is important for the player in the fact that spending time trying to figure out how to play and win a game shouldn’t be as complicated as enjoying the game itself.

The game of Bingo is a familiar one throughout elementary schools and bingo halls around the world, and online gaming provides the opportunity to enjoy an interactive experience from the comfort of your own home. Our development teams and test markets are constantly striving to enhance the game of Bingo through online interaction and market research. Try an old favorite with a new twist.

With all of the constant advances in gaming technology and the overall online experience, there is always something new to discover and enjoy. Our online videos assist players in getting a “feel” for online games through tutorials, screenshots, and gameplay tips. Often new players are intimidated by the online gaming industry, and we seek to quell any trepidation and attract new, more educated players to the enjoyment of the world of online slots and casino gaming. Whether it is basic tips on how to play and how to bet or a detailed interactive demonstration of individual games, Hoffman Video is one of the premier resources for online gaming information.


So what exactly is out there? The answer is pretty much anything that you can think of. If you’re just starting out, or an experienced online casino player, FreeSlots.Me has games out there for everyone. If you are looking for a simple way to start out, there are tons of simple slot games available here. If you are looking to play online slots in with a theme suited towards your interests, FreeSlots.Me has all of those as well. From Tomb Raider and your favorite television shows to Fishing and Holiday themes, the world of online slots has something out there for all to enjoy. There are games that feature the simple 3 reel slots that most of us envision when picturing a slot machine, and there are games with 5 reels and hundreds of ways to win that involve a bit more strategy. The bottom line is this: The world of Online Casino Gambling is growing and is going to continue to grow. It really is a great way to spend time online and an awesome opportunity to earn some decent money while having a great time. So poke around, play some practice games, and get your feet wet.

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Want to know what is out there for you in the ever-growing world of online gaming? Look no further than YouTube. While best known as the hub for the latest viral videos, YouTube has become a major player for online research, information, and tutorial videos. Want to play a game but not sure how? Find a clip on YouTube. Want to check out previews of the latest games? Find a clip on YouTube. Want to watch a hilarious video of newscaster bloopers? Find a clip on YouTube. Looking for the best strategies for maximum profit on all of the greatest online casino games out there? You guessed it. YouTube.

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True progress is made through learning from the advances made in the past. Hoffman Video uses the Video Game History Museum as a constant source of inspiration. Everything that we are lucky enough to experience and enjoy today is a result of endless innovation from folks before us. Through the VGH Museum, we are inspired to progress the groundwork of the entire online gaming industry that has been laid before us. The VGH is an amazingly detailed site that stories the history from its beginning just pushing buttons, to the virtual reality world that Online Gaming has become today.